Volume 6. Issue 1   ††††††††††††         January to December 2012

Original Research

Parentsí perspectives on the need for professional development for early childhood teachers in Botswana

Kabita Bose Lois. R. Mberengwa Pedzani Perci Monyatsi

Effects of Pupilsí Perceptions towards School Uniform on Learnersí Self-esteem

Sempele N.L. Catherine, Violet K. Mugalavai.,


Dietary practices among adolescents: Do boys eat better than girls?

Farooq Ahmad Adeel, Mukhtar Ahmad Awan, Nomana Anjum, Hajra Ahmed, Zaheer Ahmed, Asma Afreen


Young people as consumers of information technology in a third world country

Mohammad Asim Shaikh, Mohammad Adil Shaikh,, Farzana Asar